Badlands Bar 3 Safety Rules

All SASS Rules Apply (

Safety Reminders:

No drinking or possession of alcohol of any kind on the firing line at any time.

Only registered shooters are allowed to wear and carry firearms.

Pistols must be holstered and actions open on rifles and shotguns at all times, except at loading tables and the firing line.

Cold Range - firearms may only be loaded when you are at the loading table and on the firing line.

Cap and Ball pistols may only be capped when at the loading table and the firing line.

Brass may be retrieved behind the firing line if it does not impede the progress of the posse.

All shooters and spectators must wear eye protection. Ear protection is strongly recommended.

All shooters must abide by the decision of the range officer. (Protest details on back.)

Unsafe firearm handling will not be tolerated and can result in a Match DQ.

All shooters must conform to minimum dress requirements for their category.

Shotguns will be staged open and empty at the beginning of each stage required and will be restaged open and empty after using and before proceeding to next gun.

Bar 3 Range Rule: No loading shotgun while moving. "Plant then poke"

Shotgun Targets are knockdowns. Knock down targets must fall to be counted as hit. A miss on a knock down can be made up with ammo carried by a shooter on his or her person. Ammo "hand-offs" are considered dead rounds and will result in a 10 second safety.

RF timers with remote display boards will be used for this match. The time displayed on the timer carried by the RO is the official time. The remote display board is secondary and is for the convenience of the observers and shooters only. RO will visually confirm correct time is recorded on the timesheet. Posse Marshals will instruct RO on using the RF timers.

Riding carts are allowed but please use caution. Pedestrians, wildlife, and trees have the right-of-way. Please drive friendly and "Don’t Mess with Texas."

The Badlands Bar 3 is a shooting facility located on a working ranch. Due to the climate and generally uneven "Black Land" terrain, all shooters should be careful when moving during stage scenarios, from stage to stage, and around the ranch in general. If you do not feel it is safe to run on the ground or on a boardwalk during a scenario…. WALK!

Please read and follow each scenario as written and read to you by your ROs. The scenario will also be at the loading table for shooter to review prior to moving to the shooting line. It is the shooter’s and RO’s responsibility to know the scenario before the "beep." RO may assist in the course of fire. Counters may assist in calling shotgun targets down. Shooter may request no verbal help prior to beep.

ROs should be ROI or higher trained.

Counters to count misses (not hits)

If you think it’s a hit… it’s a hit

If you think it’s a miss… it’s a hit

Watch the target AND listen for sound

Major and Minor Safety Violations will be assessed per SASS Rules including 10 Second Safety, Stage DQ, and Match DQ. Be safe and have fun.

No re-shoots will be awarded unless:

- A firearm malfunctions prior to the first shot of the stage

- A malfunction of timer or targets

- RO/timer incorrectly stops the shooter

- RO stops shooter for a squib and no squib is found

If a re-shoot is granted, the shooter will re-shoot the stage starting with no misses. However, any safety penalty incurred from the first run will be added to the new score.
FYI – "Wait, let me start again" will not work so don’t waste for score time asking.

Shooters may appeal a ruling by notifying the Posse Marshal or RO prior to leaving the stage in dispute and posting a $50 protest fee. A panel of three Officers will consider the appeal. The protest fee will be forfeited if the ruling is upheld.


Badlands Protests and Appeals

Shooting Protest

If a call is made against a shooter on a stage, the shooter should first make guns safe.  Then, if a discussion with the RO does not remedy the situation, the shooter may appeal a ruling by notifying the Posse Marshal or RO prior to leaving the stage in dispute.  Shooter will complete a provided protest form and post a $50 protest fee.  A panel of three match officers will review the appeal at the line.

Proper Time for Protest - Shooter protesting MUST state the protest before his/her posse leaves the stage. The judges will be assembled as quickly as possible to rule on the protest before the posse leaves the stage.  However, if time is short, the posse will proceed to the next stage and the judges will poll witnesses (RO, counters, score keeping, and shooter only) with as little interruption to their shooting as possible.

Ruling upheld (Original call stands) - $50 forfeited to the SASS Scholarship

Ruling overturned (Error removed and/or re-shoot granted) - $50 returned to the protestor.

Category Protest for Costumes*

Only a shooter of the same category will be allowed to call a protest on another shooter for a costume or equipment violation.  Protestor must complete a provided protest form and post a $50 protest fee.  A panel of three match officers will review the protest at or behind the line.  

Proper time for Protest – 
Three match judges will attempt to review the protested shooter without their knowledge as to not disturb their concentration.  

If a ruling of guilt is possible, the shooter being protested will be given the opportunity to discuss prior to the official ruling being made final.  A match official may approach the Posse Marshal when available.  The Posse Marshal will WAIT until the shooter is free of the loading table and firing line before approaching the shooter to discuss.

If a ruling of innocence, the shooter will not be bothered during the shoot. Match official will wait until the end of the day or match, as appropriate..  


Protest upheld (judges ruled cat. protest is correct) - $50 fee is returned to protestor if protestor signed his/her name to the protest form.

Or,  $50 fee is forfeited to SASS Scholarship if anonymous protestor.  It's simple, if you do not wish the protested shooter to know you protested, they don't need to know.  For this service, you donate your $50 fee to the SASS Scholarship, again anonymously.   (Anonymous means that judges reviewing the protest will not discuss who the Protestor is with ANYONE.  You will remain anonymous if your approach is inconspicuous.)

Protest declined (judges ruled cat. protest is NOT valid) - The shooter that was protested will receive the $50 fee to help ease tension and re-establish good will.

Comment – All match officials, directors, etc. shall have a copy of the SASS shooter handbook on their person to reference at the time of any call.  This will provide proof of a valid ruling and assist in assuring a judgment is per the book and not memory or interpretation.

* Smoke factor, qualifying firearms, etc. are excluded.