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People often ask how the Dooley Gang was started and, more importantly, what does it mean to be a Dooley Gang member. There are many stories/rumors so we decided to document the history for all to see.

What’s with the name?

The Dooley Gang started quite by accident really. In 2004, an old 1988 Bluebird bus was purchased by T-Bone Dooley and Shotgunner to fix up for traveling to shoots. The first big trip was to End of Trail that year. A group of shooting pards climbed in the old Bluebird and took a road trip, 27 1/2 hours non- stop from Clarksville to Norco, CA. After arriving in California, other pards remarked that “the gang” had actually made it in the old bus. The name stuck and a legend was born.

The core Dooley Gang is a group of close-knit pards that travel to shoots together spreading fun and goodwill. The original members included
T-Bone Dooley, Shotgunner & Bois d’Arc Jean, Ringo Fire & Buffy Logal, Mountain Pop & Mamaw Beene, Amos Moses, Slim Jim, and Nuttin’ & Honey B. Graceful.

During 2005, the gang started to travel to more and more shoots. Everywhere we went the name Dooley Gang was referenced and, as you now know, it stuck like tar.

Why the armbands?

In 2004, we wanted to be able to pick each other out in a crowd. Mamaw Beene made matching shirts and Honey B. Graceful embroidered personalized wild rags for the group and it worked like a charm. Work schedules prevented the special recognition clothing for EoT 2005, so we went shopping in the vendor tents when we arrived. One vendor had several sets of armbands in one color, purple. She also graciously offered to make more that evening. So the color was actually chosen by a vendor’s inventory.

In 2006, Mamaw Beene designed what we consider the perfect armband. The armband can be tied on practically any arm. (Click here for instructions for making your own Dooley Gang armband.)

The Dooley Gang Expands

As the name and recognition grew, we had pards ask us if they could be in the Dooley Gang too. Surprised that people were actually interested, we happily accepted them in and the Gang grew by a couple of dozen purple armbands at every shoot.

Then in mid-2006 the Dooley Gang received its first fan letter. Unfortunately, it was unsigned so we only know them as “The Truth.”

Sharing this fan letter, we had an unbelievable number of shooters that wanted to be a part of the Dooley Gang and our numbers skyrocketed. Ringo Fire was appointed our promotional director to keep track of all the Dooley Gang members. Click here for our current list of members. If you don’t see your name and you have been inducted, please contact Ringo Fire at

How to Become a Member of the Dooley Gang

Membership is simple. If you are one that lives by the standards list below then all you need to do is ask. Dooley Gang members do not ask others to join for several reasons, most of which is that you should to want to be a member, not feel obligated to accept membership when asked. Any current Dooley Gang member can induct a new member as long as they agree with and live by the Dooley Gang Covenant.

The Dooley Gang Covenant

· Wear a purple armband to every shoot you attend.
· Let shooters know about your experience with other Dooley Gang
· Always live by the “Cowboy Way.”
· Live and let live.
· Have fun and remember that SASS as a game, not a sport.
· Work hard on your posse and help where you can.
· Be fair to everyone regardless of their class or level of shooting.
· Help out new shooters. They are helping to keep the game alive.
· Tell people what you know if it can help them become a better shooter.
· Vote “no” for unnecessary restrictions and rules. More rules are like more laws, they are often misinterpreted and nearly impossible to abolish.
· Try to make it to the Badlands Bar 3 annual match, Back at Cha, at least once in your life.

Armband Instructions

Purple fabric, as many yards as you want
Purple thread
3/4” Elastic

Lay the fabric out, keeping the fold.
Cut 2” strips along the width of the fabric.
Refold the fabric on the long edge, wrong-side out, and iron.
Stitch up the length on the raw edge, 1/2” from the fold.
Turn the fabric inside out and iron flat.
Cut elastic 6” to 8” in length and insert into fabric tube.
Sew elastic 12” inside each end, allowing 12” tails on each end.
Fold ends in by a 1/4” and stitch closed.
Cut hanging threads and you are done….with one, now get to making more.

Custom Dooley Gang Buckle

The Dooley Gang buckle is custom made with your alias and available for order at Lone Star Silver.

Lone Star Silversmith
1224 Industrial Drive
New Braunfels, TX 78130
877-373-0529 - 800-628-5253 (Fax)

Dooley Gang Members

Listed in alphabetical order. 
Member List (PDF)

Drop Ringo Fire ( a note if you don't see your alias listed. Updated 8-1-2013.