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8027 Farm Road 114
Clarksville, TX 75426

GPS Coordinates
33 37.4025' N
94 53.5178' W
El. 443 ft

General Information: 




Favorite Videos


YouTube Page


Brother King on Shoot N Scoot


The Badlands Bar 3 Shooting Range - Part 1


Cowboy Shootout from Dearil Jackson on Vimeo.

 The Badlands Bar 3 Shooting Range - Part 2



The Badlands Bar 3 Shooting Range - CaC 2010

Buy videos from Ark-La-Tex Sportsman for $9.95.

Just Click here and send them an e-mail.

SAS S.W Regional Cowboy Shoot out @ Badland Bar 3 ranch from Dearil Jackson on Vimeo.


The Latest and Greatest! - i-Kam Glasses (More to come...)
T-Bone Dooley's View




Nuttin' Graceful's View


Bayou Blast - Roast of T-Bone Dooley
March 2010

11 Segments

Segment 1 Roasters - Capt. Stephen D. Hill and Ed Seiker Texas Ranger



Segment 2 Roaster - Cajun Brass



Segment 3 Roasters - Mose Spencer and Titus A. Gnatsass



Segment 4 Roaster - Honey B. Graceful (Part I)



Segment 5 Roaster - Honey B. Graceful (Part II)



Segment 6 Roaster - Matt Masterson



Segment 7 Roaster - Barkeep



Segment 8 Roaster - Nuttin' Graceful (Part I)



To come...Part II of Nuttin' Graceful and all of Ringo Fire. 
Note:  I do not have video of the end of Ringo Fire through T-Bone Dooley.
If you have a recording, please email me at sasshoney@yahoo.com.  Thanks.


Guns, Ammo, Accessories, etc.

and now PAWN!

Cowboy Guns
T-Bone Dooley, Owner
125 N.E. Front Street
New Boston, TX 75570
Shop: 903-314-8164
Cell: 903-272-9283

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Store Hours:
9 to 5:30 M-F

Also offering...
Texas CHL Classes





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