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Bowie County Concealed Carry

The Badlands Bar 3 Range offers Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) classes. All classes will be taught by a DPS-certified instructor. 

Note: Texas will require a digital fingerprint after March 1, 2011. More details will be provided if you register for a new Texas CHL.

A new Texas CHL permit requires completion of a 4 to 6-hour training course, qualifying with a handgun (revolver or semi-automatic) at the range and passing a 50 question test. You need a basic knowledge of your handgun to qualify, shooting center of mass a total of 50 rounds from 9 feet, 21 feet, and 45 feet.

Texas CHLs are recognized by 41 other states (30 reciprocal and 11 unilateral). Visit the state web site at for additional details.

CHL Class- $65.00

For more information, contact: 
K.D. Graham
TX DPS and NRA Certified Instructor