2017 Annual Match


Posted: August 11, 2017

****NEWS FLASH****


Only one month left before one of the most talked about Cowboy matches in the world begins!  Many new rules have been set in place by SASS and a lot of things have changed.  This year, Comin’ Back at Cha, 2017 will be a Total time match.  I have also put a twist on the Side Match scoring with the exception of the Long Range side match. 

This year’s Side Match will not be a contest of speed.  Rather, the contest will be a game of how close can you get to your declared time without going over.  It’s a little like Bracket Racing or dealing 21 with cards.  If you go over your time, you bust!  Everyone can play and anyone can win.  We will be giving belt buckles for each Side Match.  Below is an example of scoring.  Good Luck!  T-Bone and Ellie



All side matches with the exception of Long Range will be timed for the closest time to zero.


~ Must declare and post your time on the Display board

~ Shoot the side match

~ Deduct your time from the posted time

~ Closest time to zero wins!!!

If you go over your declared time, you are busted and lose.


Good luck!  Anyone can win!



Declared Time
Your Time
15  seconds
14 seconds
-1 second
15  seconds
14.5 seconds
-.5 seconds
15  seconds
16 seconds
You are busted!
15 seconds
15 seconds
0.00 seconds Winner

If there happens to be a tie, both shooters will be a winner. 

Posted: August 3, 2017

****NEWS FLASH****

A Big Howdy Do to our Cowboy and Cowgirl shooters!  We just wanted to give everyone an update on more grand events happening this year at Comin’ Back at Cha.

Warm Up Match

On Tuesday September 26, 2017, we kick off the spectacular Cowboy event with a Warm up match to just limber things up and perform function checks your equipment if you want to.  We will start out with a mandatory Safety meeting at 12:30 in the Big Barn.  You can sign up for the Warm up match and get on a posse when you register.  Bring your own score care, if you want to.

The Warm up match will be shot on Stages 1-4.  This 4 stage mini match is just for bragging rights only.  No door prizes or awards will be given out.

Cowboy Yard Sale  

Our Cowboy Yard Sale will be held on Wednesday September 27, 2017 in the Big Barn.  You will be able to set up at 7:00 a.m.  Please find a table, display your wares, and man your table all day.  We not have anyone available to do that for you.  It will be the perfect opportunity to visit with friends and make new ones. 

The Yard Sale will end at 4:00 p.m.  Take any unsold items with you.  Anything left on the tables after 5 p.m. will be put near the main stage in the Big Barn.  We will not be responsible for what is not taken with you.


Lost and Found

Please bring any items lost or found to the main stage in the Big Barn.  There will be a small bin provided near the steps. Remember to check out Cowboy Guns new website when you have time to spare.